Francesca is joined by comedian and her beau, Matt Lieb (Newsbroke, Good Mythical Morning, Frotcast) to talk about an academic "open letter" from the likes of JK Rowling, Malcom Gladwell, and even Noam Chomksy! Enjoy this bonus bitchuation. Featuring: Francesca Fiorentini, Matt Lieb. BONUS: Cancel Cancel Cancel Culture with Matt Lieb


NYC-based activist Rafael Shimunov joins Francesca Fiorentini and comedian Matt Lieb for an in-depth look at New York Published 03/23/21. Is the Iran Deal  

with April Richardson. Making the case for Biden despite Biden, with the most fierce frontline organizer Linda Sarsour. Plus the importance of flipping the Senate, voting local, and using elections as a tool in the toolbox of real social change. And the ongoing fight for justice for Breonna Taylor in Louisville, living the legacy of Civil Rights leaders, and imagining what horrors would adorn Trump’s Hell. Francesca Fiorentini.

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Journalist. Comedian. Host of Newsbroke on AJ+. New video every Friday on YT and Saturday on FB. For $10 a month you get the bonus Frot plus Matt Lieb will sing a royalty-freestyle song with a theme of your choosing. See all 6 levels. 716 patrons.

Featuring Tej Nagaraja (Professor of History, Cornell; @tejnagaraja) Matt Lieb (Pod Yourself a Gun, @mattlieb) Francesca Fiorentini, host (@franifio) NYC-based activist Rafael Shimunov joins Francesca Fiorentini and comedian Matt Lieb for an in-depth look at New York politics in the year 2021: from Andrew Cuomo’s origin story of an a-hole and why he should definitely resign, to the failures of Mayor Bill DeBlasio, to the ranked-choice mayoral primary coming up in June. Francesca Fiorentini from The Bitchuation Room and The Young Turks joins Vince Mancini and Matt Lieb in the studio this week to discuss the episode, with all your favorite segments: the Wayback Machine, It’s the 90s, Bada B-Stories, and Gabba Va Fongool.

2018-06-02 ·

Irland · Francesca Fiorentini. Nyheter BONUS: Yang Gangs of New York with Rafael Shimunov and Matt Lieb.

Francesca fiorentini matt lieb

Matt Lieb takes the Newsbroke reins to illuminate the conspiracy that is the George Soros conspiracy. Also Jesse Fernandez 's attack ad voiceover future is strong. AJ+'s Newsbroke posted an episode of a series — with Matt Lieb and Francesca Fiorentini .

- Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by Atu Ka. Home Hot Random Stories Weekly Coub picks Best Of The Year Who to follow Featured channels Francesca Fiorentini. 114,997 likes · 1,550 talking about this. Journalist.

Journalist. Rafael Shimunov explains: - Matt Lieb Francesca Fiorentini -. 4747 · 5 delningar.
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Francesca fiorentini matt lieb

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University College. Originally from Sheffield, Matt completed his BA and MSci from the University of Cambridge in 2020. During his final year research project in Prof Dominic Wright’s group he investigated novel inorganic cyclodiphosphazane ligands. 2016-08-27 with francesca fiorentini.
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Adam welcomes comedians Francesca Fiorentini, Matt Lieb, and Anna Valenzuela to reflect on some horrifying news stories from 2018 that didn't get enough attention

Francesca Fiorentini.